New Year, Just be

I’ve only blogged once, since the day I started blogging but I have been writing in my journal because well, the things that happened to me last year were the type of things you only write in your journal. Hopefully, this year, I will have more blog type things happen to me. n the last year though, I have however learned a lot about life, people and of course, love.  

It’s a new year but somehow, this year, I didn’t feel the urge to do all the things I usually do like write a whole list of what I wish would happen this year, or make resolutions. If life taught me anything last year, it’s this…
    “surprise m*********” (I’m going to cut down on my swearing) 
Life is unpredictable and the sooner we realize this, the less stressed we will all be. In this year, i’m going to chill out and let life happen. I’m just going to let life happen, i’m going to let it teach me, and i’m going to let it happen. I think that all we can do is hope for the best and prepare for the worst. it’s not pessimistic, it’s not cowardice, it’s wisdom in my eyes. Image

How many times have you tried to interfere with your life, with other people’s life and it turned out as you hoped it would? this year? just be. If you let life unfold as it should, you’ll be surprised still at how beautiful and sensible everything turns out to be in time; God is smarter than the whole universe put together.

Meanwhile, please come back and visit me here, if you care any about where I am, or what i’m doing, or if you just want to read a blog,  about the life of a Nigerian girl in America. I’ll be here 🙂 


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