‘We are creators’

Yesterday, as I sat down to dinner with my new friend Lex, I learned a lot about the life around me and I think that I should share this change in perspective because let’s face it; the only way to actually change your mindset is by changing your perspective. That being said, I would like to create a new perspective for you this morning.

Look at everything around you right now, just look; Do you know that all those things would not exist if you didn’t exist? the chair, the flower vase, the direction your bed faces, the style of clothes in your closet, the books you read… none of them would exist without you meaning you created the world around you. It’s indeed a fantastic thing to think about.

After Lex blew my mind with this revelation, he went on to show me that I have so much power and that I don’t have to let anything just happen, I can create it to happen the way that I want it to. It’s an empowering thought.

so, we are creators and everything that ‘s happening to you and around you, you create with your mind, actions, thoughts or deeds. You can allow things to happen to you or you can make something happen the way you want it to. It’s simple: We are makers of any and everything , we are creators.



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